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Stanwix Place, Wooroloo WA 6558 

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Westgold Homes was inspired by a desire to provide home owners with an opportunity to build, renovate and extend to add value to their property and improve their lifestyle and fortune.


It was created by Joe Marrapodi, a Registered Builder with over 20 years industry experience and extensive project management experience in property development and residential construction. Having worked for some of Australia’s largest builders and developers at management level, Joe’s passion has guided him back into helping home-owners through all stages of the building process, which Joe enjoys best.


Residing in Wooroloo, Joe has noticed the growing demand for builders services in the hills area and is joined by his brother Ross, who has over 15 years construction experience, to service Perth including the eastern corridor into the hills, from Midland as far as Toodyay.


The name “Westgold” comes from the reddy golden colours of the West Australian soil and sunset. “West” meaning the place we live and “gold” meaning colour, together bring a sense of warmth and feeling of home. This feeling, known as Westgold, creates a surge of energy that inspires us everyday.

How we can help you?

Renovate & Extend

Renovate for lifestyle and comfort
If you live in a neighbourhood with great schools, great neighbours and more, why move? Avoid the stress and hassle of moving. Renovate your property and avoid the costs that come with buying a home such as holding costs, stamp duty and settlement fees. If your home needs a freshening up, Westgold Homes will renovate your home to meet the needs of your family, easily and seamlessly from start to finish.

Renovations can take on many forms. There are a lot of considerations and questions you will have such as:

  • Structural issues

  • Material options

  • Design and functionality options

  • How long will it take

  • How much will it cost


Renovations can be fairly major and there will be a lot more questions along the way. Give Joe a call to discuss your renovation.

Renovate to sell 
We have a secret weapon that our competitors do not have. Westgold Homes has its own real estate agent and a highly skilled renovation team that can manage everything from project management to a completed renovation job no matter how big or small. Our real estate agent will work with us to provide some handy tips and advice on your proposed renovation for your investment property.


If you are keeping the resale value of your property in mind, it pays to consider key trends in renovating that are likely to appeal to buyers down the track. These include:

  • Updating the kitchen with modern appliances and cabinets, space efficient storage and windows to gardens. This is one of the top renovations for profit.

  • Installing bi-fold or stacker doors to open up the house at the back

  • Installing windows to take advantage of the views

  • Create open plan living areas by taking out interior walls

  • Updating or adding bathrooms, or opening up bathrooms to outside areas with large windows to capture views of gardens

  • Establishing separate toilets while making bathrooms more spacious, with quality tiles and designer showers and basins.

  • Creating a home office either as a nook in a hallway or in a larger room. Usually the office equipment and storage are hidden in cupboards and benches. These nooks can be linked to an outside area with a view or deck to create a pleasant working environment. 

  • Add to the street appeal of your home by rendering, cladding or painting the façade.

  • Upgrade outdoor areas to more indoor outdoor living. Money spent on well-designed undercover outdoor areas brings its returns when the sale sign goes up.


If you’re thinking of renovating to sell, please contact Joe to discuss your renovation.

Renovate to rent
A well maintained rental property not only ensures happy tenants, but also higher rents. So it makes sense for investors to spend money on their existing assets to increase rental return, because doing so creates more cash flow. The trick is knowing which renovations are going to increase the value of your asset and bring in higher rents, so you can avoid over capitalising on it.


If you’re thinking of renovating to rent, we can also help you with advice from our real estate agent to assist with your decision to renovate. Please contact Joe to discuss your renovation.

DIY renovations
Many homeowners choose the DIY approach to save money, and this is a great option if you are not making any structural changes. But if your DIY plans include a bit more than a quick facelift, you should seek the help of a registered builder. Talk to Joe before considering DIY.

Don’t assume you can do everything cheaper yourself. Often it takes the DIYer double the time and money calculated. We’d love to help.

Custom designed new homes

So often, and unfortunately all too late, after many months of design at great expense, the resulting home is found to be too expensive to build. This can be disappointing with so much time and money wasted, never to be recovered again.At Westgold homes because the designer is also the builder, this can never happen.


As a builder, Joe is very aware of the various costs associated with many aspects of the building process. Using this knowledge at the design stage, results in achieving the most exciting, innovative and inspirational design, at the least possible cost, thereby providing exceptional value in the completed home.


We design single, double and three storey homes on acreage, small or narrow lots, as well as sloping and steep sites.If you intend to build a “one of a kind” home, choosing Westgold Homes will be an advantage saving you both time and money.happen