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Stanwix Place, Wooroloo WA 6558 

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At Westgold Homes we provide personalised service and homes tailored to your requirements. Our personalised service will ensure you are guided by Joe, the registered builder of the company, throughout the entire process including design, costing, construction and completion. We find this way of working delivers a premium building experience – you know exactly what we’re doing and everything runs more smoothly.

Qualifications and Experience

Our qualifications and experience are the first advantage. Our highly qualified team understands what’s required to deliver your project smoothly in accordance with your lifestyle and budget. We have expert designers, a selected contractor base, excellent technical knowledge and management experience to deliver your perfect home.

Full access to the Registered Builder

While other builders rely on sales representatives to “sell you” a home, our approach is different. We believe our process of listening and guiding you through every stage of the process, will achieve you a better outcome. It will also be much closer to your budget because Joe is an experienced estimator.  So you’ll have accurate pricing advice for every idea - giving you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions... and it doesn’t end there.


During construction you’ll enjoy meeting with Joe, where the registered Builder of the company gives your home the attention it deserves. During these meetings you can discuss your building timeline, plan for the next few weeks and also discuss remaining work to ensure your finished home is perfect for you in every way.

Fixed prices

Because we get to know your project inside out, we’ll give you a fixed price to deliver your project reducing surprises and hidden costs. The alternative option is a cost-plus contract where you’re charged for the actual time and materials used. Budgets can quickly get way out of control this way, and you don’t want to run out of money before you cross the finish line.


We offer you complete peace of mind. With our guarantee you will be assured knowing: 

  • Your deposit is protected

  • Your home will still be completed if something happens to Westgold Homes

  • You have a 6 year structural warranty

  • You have an 18 week maintenance period